Facebook and Telegram Bots will help you in engineering works.
Android and iOS Applications are open to Beta Testers !
Use below links to reach Digital Assistant


Yes, community construction assistant will be free of charge.

Of course, there will be unanswered questions. But the system will find answer and add them to the knowledgebase. Hence, your questions are critical for the sucess of the assistant.

At the moment you can use Facebook messenger and Telegram links given top of the page. We are working on stand alone Android and iOS applications. So, the assistant always will be in your pocket.

- You can ask weather conditions of cities then digital assistant analyzes the effects of the weather for the construction projects
- You can ask about the cost of a building in UK cities. The digital assistant will guide you to find the total construction cost.
- You can reach safety training, just typing "safety training".
- You can ask different technical questions to the digital assistant.
- We will add new functions to the assistant to solve more problems in the construction site.

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