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Digital Construction

AI in
Construction Sector

+20% Productivity Increase

We know problems of construction site teams. We help you to reach construction site data fast, reliable, easy way and take data centric smart decisions.



We designed construction site digital assistant by using powerful AI solutions with the support of job site IoT data.
ConBot answers daily questions, manages construction workflows and makes wise suggestions to optimize them.
IoT sensors, project data and technical team know-how are handling by ConBot.

ConBot is your coordinator in construction site. 
It is interface of the decision support system and creates construction site analytics.


Data Management

We are collecting data using digital assistant, IoT sensors and other sofware systems. We are providing a construction site analytic portal.

You can reach location, machinery, personnel, activity, BIM, inventory, subcontractor reports easily and manage issues effectively.

7 Amazing Workflows

We offer several modules that include Activity, Machinery, Personnel, Safety, Issue, Subcontractor, İnventory, Design and BIM management.

Easy and Simple to Use

You can reach all data from the platform. All data can be extracted to Excel files. Moreover, you can upload your data using our Excel templates.

Why ConBot ?


ConBot is a new interface for your company. Technical teams have no time to enter real time data to the system. ConBot automatically collects all data you have and creates value.

Power of AI

ConBot has a supervised learning system. So, it can learn new answers easily. Moreover; using cutting edge NLP technology, it can understand different style of questions.

The Core of Your Strategy

Your strategy need data from job site, BIM, IoT and technical team. Whence we placed data and AI to the center of new revolution. Thus AI can make suggestions and optimizations.

Benefits of the Platform

20% Productivity Increase

Managing all construction data with digital assstanat interface is solving one of the critical problems in the construction site. According to our pilot projects, we can reach %20 productivity increase.

8x Faster Issue Management

Issues are always problem in the construction. Our digital assistant increases issue coordination and make the process 8x faster than traditional methods. Moreover you can measure performance easily.

20% Safey Issue Decrease

Location based notifications, accident predictions decrease safety problem possibility. In our projects, we saw that with our digital assistant, safety issues are decreasing drastically.


Digital Construction Week 2018, London

Our CEO, Mr. Aydin Ozcekic attended to the event
on 17 - 18 October 2018.

He talked about AI driven Digital Assistant in Construction Sector on 18 October at 11:30 in Indsutry 4.0 Theatre.

Digital Assistant

In this presentation, we talk about our artificial intelligence driven digital assistant ConBot in the construction sector. Based on this topic, our approach about data management and effective use of artificial intelligence in the construction sector was explained.

Data Management Platform Demo

The demo of our data management platform
(35 min.)



BIM provides better building quality, efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore; contractors have additional benefits such as lower costs, better resource management and delivering projects on time.

At the moment, BlM level 2 standards are mandatory for all centrally procured public projects in UK.

We support you during the BIM implementation process.
- Modeling Consultancy
- Modeling Services for all Disciplines
- BIM Management
- BIM 4D / 5D Support
- COBie Support
- AI in BIM

We do have construction sector experience !

Our team is not only technology gigs but also they are construction professionals.



We have experience in digital assistant development projects. Up to june 2018 we have handled one million message by our AI driven digital assistants.


Years Experience
in Construction Sector

 Our founder and CEO, Mr. Aydin Ozcekic is civil engineer and he has construction experience in project management, BIM management and construction technology consultancy.



We have high profile engineers in our team. We work on AI, workflow management, BIM management, modeling and R&D projects. We want to increase our capacity with the support of our new partners.

Our strategic partner in London

Thing That Matters is our strategic partner in UK operations.
You can have more information from TTM website.

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